World Pension Alliance 2024

  • Start: 18/06/2024 15:00
  • End: 18/06/2024 18:00

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming 15th edition of the World Pension Alliance Annual Conference, organised by PensionsEurope in collaboration with the other members of the World Pension Alliance. Each year, the World Pension Alliance brings together leading experts in pensions, pension professionals, and policymakers to exchange views and best practices on the most pressing issues in pensions.

This year’s theme is “Transition in the World of Pensions”. With half of the world’s population heading to the polls, we will explore how these shifts are likely to impact pension funds and retirement benefits worldwide. What opportunities and risks are on the horizon? And what regional differences can we expect? Additionally, the conference will focus on sustainable finance, which has surged to the forefront of agendas across the globe. Despite its prominence, concerns regarding ESG pushback and regulatory fatigue are increasing. We will examine current trends and identify future trajectories.

This event is FREE of charge and open to everybody.

To register and find out more about the programme, please click here.