AEIP’s Annual Conference for 2022 which took place on 3rd November brought together decision makers and experts from various policy fields for a reflection on the crucial role of paritarian institutions of social protection in the transformation of the welfare models of the 21st century. The debates were aimed to fit in within the important policy initiatives which the European institutions are now launching in the context of pensions, healthcare and sustainable finance.


The first panel discussion focused on some of the trends with major impact on the design and delivery of social protection as demographic trends, the new world of work, including the increase of the non-standard forms of employment and digitalization. The debate offered a deep reflection on how the European social protection systems could remain relevant in the current environment and the role that paritarian funds can play in this process. The discussions touched upon the effects the Covid-19 pandemic, and how the traditional welfare state models in Europe have been under pressure to adapt to multiple new challenges coming from globalization and demographic trends and the overall transformation of the European labour markets.


The second panel discussion focused on the topic of the social aspects of sustainable finance as paritarian social protection funds are also long-term investors. The current debate at the European level on the topic of sustainable finance focuses also on the important role of occupational funds as promoters and enablers for the much-needed green transition. The discussions offered different perspectives on the next steps in developing a European social taxonomy and its added value for the green and sustainable transition.


You can (re-)watch the full AEIP Annual Conference 2023 here: