• Start: 06/09/2022 10:00
  • End: 06/09/2022 12:00

European Care systems: Solidarity and sustainability – friends or foes?

The European Association of Paritarian Funds – AEIP and the International Association of Mutual Benefit societies – AIM co-organised an hybrid event entitled “The European Care Strategy: Solidarity and sustainability – friends or foes?”, hosted at the European Parliament by MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen, in the morning of 6 September 2022,  between 10h – 12h CET.

The event gathered EU-level key stakeholders, policymakers as well as experts from social protection institutions, healthcare mutuals, carers and other stakeholders. The discussions in the event focused on how both the sustainability and the solidarity in care systems can be ensured given the challenges of the increasing demand, the rising costs of treatment and innovation, ageing populations and the consequent decrease in social contributions.

The event aimed to stimulate a debate on how to factor these trends and take into consideration at the same time the need to improve access to formal care services, the formalisation of informal care as well as the provision of financial support and social protection to informal carers.


For any further information and questions, please contact Giuseppe Perretti (AEIP) and Jessica Carreño Louro (AIM).

To find out more about AEIP’s and AIM’s respective positions on the European Care Strategy please click here (AEIP) and here (AIM).


For the event’s programme, please see here.


For the event’s full report, please see here.


For the event’s recording, please see here.

Rue Wiertz, Bruxelles , Belgium