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"Seminar about the 1408/71 Regulation and Mixed Funded Schemes" [Munich, Germany]

This seminar was a kick-off meeting in order to bring experts together to debate about the evolution of the regulation 1408/71 towards the new 883/04 regulation and the future of financing retirement schemes in the eastern countries. In those countries the financing can be fully funded, mixed and managed by public or private institutions.

The main subjects covered by the speakers were the state of play of the negotiations in Council and Parliament concerning the package of proposals necessary to make Reg 883/04 applicable as soon as possible. Pierre Chaperon and Cécile Vokléber from Agirc-Arrco described their schemes as contractual based schemes covered by the 1408/71. Then different representatives from Eastern Europe explained how their schemes were financed and how the coordination was organised. During the seminar, Matti Leppälä presented a possible pension policy able to combine sustainability, solidarity and the good performance of the system, considering the demographic problem and the slowdown of the European economy. In the end the participants discussed the possible relations and interactions between the coordination Regulations and the other EU policies and acts concerning pensions (IORP Directive and portability)

This seminar also served as a preparatory meeting for the conference of the AEIP on October 23, 2009 about the future of mixed retirement financing.

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