G7 PENSIONS & EUROPEAN ESG SUMMIT, 11 JUNE (digital event) organized w/ AEIP

  • Start: 11/06/2021 09:30
  • End: 11/06/2021 17:00

The 4th edition of the G7 Pensions Dialogue will be held on the sidelines of the G7 Pensions Summit (Carbis Bay) on 11th June, with Australian, Indian and ASEAN asset owners and policy thinkers. The roundtables will bring together the experts who pioneered notions such as ESG-Driven Investment, Green Growth, Employee Capitalism and ‘The Firm of the Future’e Singapore Economic Forum (SEF), The Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) & The Centre des Professions Financières (CILT), with the support of AEIP.


Bringing together policy thinkers, regulators and pension executives & board members from across G7 nations, Asia and the Americas, the forum will seek to assess prospectively the evolving risk/return dynamics of long-term investments across asset classes and geographies; new risk management tools including inflation protection; pension reform and modern pension design best-practices and other ‘Challenges Facing the Pension Industry in the Post-Covid Era’


Attendance is complimentary & comprises all educational materials provided by the organisers.


You’ll find here the latest version of the agenda.


For registration & further information, the organisers can be contacted directly at: register@worldpensions.org or using the following link: https://g7pensions.org/