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Working Groups

AEIP has many different working groups which set the agenda and the different strategies for the Association in its lobbying campaign to the European and intergovernmental Institutions. Those working groups are: the Technical Committee, the Task Forces and the Scientific Council.

The Technical Committee is subdivided into 5 Statutory Commissions, which are AEIP’s most important working groups. These 5 Statutory Commissions are made up of the Associate Members’ representatives. The Affiliate Members are also allowed to attend the Commissions’ meetings but without any decisional power. Commission I works with the EU Coordinated Retirement Schemes in the first pillar bis. Commission II focuses on all issues surrounding occupational Pension Funds. Commission III deals with Healthcare and Provident Benefits. Commission IV deals with paid holidays and finally Commission V is in charge of Health & Safety at work.

In addition to the Statutory Commissions, AEIP has five Task Forces: Task Force Construction; Task Force Health and Care; Task Force Territorial Social Protection Schemes; Task Force Metal Industry and Task Force Employment.

Typically, these Task Forces meet four times a year. All Associate and Affiliate Members can attend any Task Force meeting. Additionally, any other organization, even non‑paritarian, may join and participate in AEIP Task Forces. Furthermore, during these meetings, the current issues are discussed in details and the results sometimes set the agenda for the Statutory Commissions providing a framework for the drafting of working documents.

The last working group of AEIP is the Scientific Council. It is made up of highly-qualified university professors and representatives from law firms and other organizations such as research institutions. The Scientific Council helps to map out the current trends in social protection, to provide new information on recent academic works in the area, and to suggest possible steps for the Association’s further activities.