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AEIP Publications

AEIP Publications allow the Association to adequately: 

  • disseminate its works to the press and other organizations through its Press Releases;
  • advocate to the various European Institutions through its common Position Papers;
  • provide in-depth knowledge on current trends in the field of social protection by participating in various studies and reports with academic think-tanks and institutions;
  • remain transparent by publishing its annual activity report each summer.

 AEIP publishes Press Releases to comment on new legislative ideas originating at the European or national level and after major events and conferences.

 AEIP produces Position Papers which pertain to its various dossiers. AEIP provides a single voice of its members to EU in order to further promote paritarian management at the European level and protect the interest of paritarian funds.

 AEIP is a reliable source of information and, through its Scientific Council, it is able to participate in various studies and reports with universities, think-tanks and external research institutions allowing for the most up-to-date information on a variety of topics, which then lead to well informed opinions.

Lastly, each year, AEIP disseminates an activity report which provides transparency and accountability to AEIP and its activities.