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53 "Pensions: Solidarity, Delivery and Competition: The Open Method of Coordination Applied to State and Complementary Pensions and the European Pension Institution Directive with Regard to the Enlargement of the European Union" [Budapest, Hungary] 21l11l2003
54 "The Future of Paritarian Schemes in the Field of Pensions and Health in Greece and Europe" [Athens, Greece] 26l09l2003
55 "Equality and Social Europe" [Helsinki, Finland] 06l06l2003
56 "Pensions by Partnerships: the Paritarian Model of Pension Provision in Europe and the United Kingdom" [London, United Kingdom] 17l09l2002
57 "The Application of the Open Method of Coordination to Professional Retirement Systems and Complementary Health Insurance in Europe" [Lisbon, Portugal] 31l05l2002
58 "Paritarian Insurance: A Modern Solution to Social Problems" [Warsaw, Poland] 03l09l2001
59 "How to achieve High Quality Health Care at an Affordable Cost? Structural Changes in European Health Care Systems and Prospects for a New Balance between Public and Private" [Venice, Italy] 09l03l2001
60 "Supplementary Pensions in Spain and International Models" [Madrid, Spain] 23l11l2000
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