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Position Papers
# Article Title Date
11 AEIP Response to EIOPA paper on Sponsor Support methodology 07l11l2013
12 AEIP response to EFSF Consultation 23l08l2013
13 AEIP Contribution OECD draft Long-Term Investment 17l06l2013
14 EIOPA’s QIS on IORPs 30l05l2013
15 AEIP Position Paper on the EU-11 FTT 17l04l2013
16 IORP II_Quantitative Impact Study 18l02l2013
17 Long Term Care Reflection 12l11l2012
18 AEIP responds to the EIOPA’s Consultation on the Draft Technical Specifications of the IORP 2 QIS – CP-12-003 20l08l2012
19 Position Paper on the Enforcement of the Posting of Workers Directive proposal 20l08l2012
20 AEIP Position Paper on White Paper 26l06l2012
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