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Task Force Territorial Social Protection Schemes

The Task Force Territorial Social Protection Schemes (TFTSPS) is a working group specifically dedicated to social protection schemes set up at territorial/ regional level. This Task Force studies the developments of these expanding initiatives. It shares existing experiences of the territorial social protection in supplementary pensions, healthcare and long-term care.


This Task Force organizes annual conferences in Venice.


Currently, the three most important topics of this Task Force are:

  1. The role of the local governments promoting the adhesion of their citizens to (local) social protection schemes;
  2. Local investments of territorial funds;
  3. Strengthening of the cooperation with the EU Committee of the Regions.


Pension funds are primarily aimed at providing pension benefits to their Members. However, their resources could also contribute to develop the economies and the infrastructures of the territories in which these funds are based. Within a wider framework of the existing legal provisions and of the investments’ policies chosen by the pension funds, the use of their financial resources for local investments on their territories should be considered.


Mid-long term local investments can also significantly reduce risks sought by the trends of financial markets, particularly by combining the development of the local economies and the pension goals.


The Task Force Territorial Social Protection Schemes has 5 Members from 2 countries





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