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Task Forces

AEIP Task Forces meet four times a year. Unlike the paritarian membership requirements of the Associate Members and Affilate Members, any organization, even non-paritarian, may join and participate in AEIP Task Forces.

Currently, AEIP has 5 Task Forces: Task Force Construction, Task Force Health and Care, Task Force Territorial Social Protection SchemesTask Force Metal Industry and Task Force Employment

During these meetings, current issues and topics of interest to AEIP are discussed in great detail. The main points outlined in the Task Forces meetings sometimes result in setting the agenda for the Statutory Commissions, the working groups in which all final decisions are made.

AEIP Task Forces also provide the opportunity for the networking of organizations that share common interest and have a lot to learn from each other. Experience and best practices are often shared in order to develop better services and lobby towards national governments.

This coming together also increases communication among member states often leading to a harmonization or agreed upon method which will be a useful tool as the process of Europeanization in the social protection field increases.