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Commission I EU Coordinated Retirement Schemes

Commission I works on EU Coordinated Retirement Schemes in the first pillar of social protection.


In addition to the traditional social security public schemes, it includes both statutory pension schemes managed by the social partners and pension schemes which are set up by collective bargaining agreements and work on paritarian basis.  

These schemes can work on a pay-as-you-go, mixed or funded basis and fall under the EU coordination rules of social security, EU Regulation 883/04.


The Commission I monitors the evolution of the EU coordination system of social security pension schemes and analyzes the new challenges and major developments within pillar I.


In addition, the Commission I works very closely with Commission II on topics concerning the mobility of citizens, adequacy and sustainability, equality, gender discrimination and the overall financing of the pensions systems.


Currently, Commission I has 5 members in 3 countries.



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