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Statutory Commissions

The Statutory Commissions meet four times a year. Only the Associate Members and the Affiliate Members are allowed to participate in the Statutory Commissions; and only the Associate Members have the right to vote on common positions.

During these meetings, decisions are made that set the lobbying agenda of AEIP and the communication strategy on relevant brochures, reports and studies, letters to the European Presidency and common positions.

Currently, there are five Statutory Commissions. Commission I works with the EU Coordinated Retirement Schemes in the first pillar of social protection looking at their mobility, adequacy and sustainability. Commission II focuses on all issues surrounding Pension Funds such as portability, solvency and the IORP Directive. Commission III deals with Healthcare and Provident Benefits looking into issues such as long term care, active ageing and healthcare systems. Commission IV operate paid holiday funds which provide benefits both to domestic and posted workers within the Construction Industry.  Commission V meets to exchange opinions and share best practices to reduce occupational accidents.