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Protocols of Cooperation


 09/2015  Protocol of Co-operation    PensionsEurope - AEIP pensions europe 
 26/11/2014  Protocol for Academic Cooperation   University of Tartu - AEIP  tartu university estonia
 15/10/2014   Protocol of Cooperation   SPO - AEIP    spo
 25/03/2014  Protocol for Academic Cooperation   ELTE University Faculty of Law - AEIP  elte faculty law budapest
07/02/2014 Protocol for Academic Cooperation   MRU - AEIP  logo mykolas romeris university vilnius
20/09/2013 Declaration signed - International Conference on "Evolution of health systems regarding the challenges on long term care"   mgenaimres researu education solidarit
09/2013 Protocol of Cooperation   EAPSPI - AEIP eapspi
12/10/2012 Convention Universities Heidelberg and Montpellier - AEIP logo university heidelberguniversity montpellier logo
12/09/2012 Convention AIM - AEIP  aim
04/06/2009 Transatlantic Cooperation - NCCMP/MEBCO/AEIP aeip-nccmp-mebco logo
07/06/2007 Convention International Labor Management Alliance - AEIP ilma

Convention University of Gent - AEIP 

universiteit gent
31/05/2002 Convention University of Lisbon - AEIP ual-univportugal