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"European Conference on Healthy and Dignified Ageing" [Stockholm, Sweden]

The goal of the conference on Healthy and Dignified Ageing was to permanently put the issue on ageing and elderly on the EU agenda. It was also to promote cooperation and interaction between health and social sectors dealing with ageing - both at EU-level and at national level.

A growing proportion of elderly people in the population presents a challenge and an opportunity to all EU countries. The Swedish Presidency together with AEIP aimed at enhancing dignity and quality of life for elderly persons in Europe. Several Member States have given priority to such efforts ensuring a high standard of elderly care which provides dignity with old age. To achieve this dignity in elderly care, it is important to ensure that those who are working with health and social issues cooperate better and place the focus on the elderly person.

A general debate was launched in order to find new ways to cooperate and point to good examples in different EU countries.

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